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Today each of us in one way or another is forced to balance between social life, family responsibilities and the need for personal growth.  A woman today is like a fragile giant who tries to support everyone and keep everything in her hands.  Almost always this happens at the cost of their own physical and mental health, and often the complete loss of their "I".  This is especially true for women with a migration background, because  They also bear a great responsibility for their adaptation and the adoption of their family in a foreign place with a foreign language and culture.


 The works collected in this exhibition are my path to balance and balance in my life, as well as my exploration of the limits of a woman's capabilities and her own boundaries.


 My own journey may not have been the hardest at first glance.  However, I went through and go through all the stages of growing up and becoming a personality, like all other people.

 Until I got married, there was a lot of talk about the future, about the profession, about goals in life.  And my ambitions and dreams grew.  There were no obstacles in them.  I got a strong sense of omnipotence.  I acquired more and more knowledge and skills.

 And then I had a family, children.  Suddenly it turned out that all my acquired professional skills are not needed.  I was required to change my role.  I needed to distribute my physical and psychological resources to my family.  But professional aspirations have not gone anywhere.  Growing up continued.  Demands, interests and desires continued to pour in from everywhere, the family's need for me grew.


 As it turned out, I'm not the kind of person who can so easily leave my dreams and goals in the past.  I gradually learned to juggle activities and eagerly raked up all the opportunities to show myself perfectly from all possible sides.  All this led me to a state where it became impossible to separate what I needed as a person and what did not.  And, as a result, to neuroses, depression and a feeling of powerlessness and resentment towards the whole world.  The abrupt move to an unfamiliar public space and the language barrier only "added fuel to the fire."


 This is a familiar situation, isn't it? Over time, I understood my painting - my therapy and my salvation.  My way of balancing everything in my life.  It is a graphical expression of what the life of a polyactive woman looks like.  This is the realization that a woman's path is not a sacrifice, it is a way of identifying her strength, her size.  This is the path of the Giant.

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