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50cm x 70cm

acryl, canvas on cardboard


Marriage is the interaction of two streams, two consciousnesses. They can flow towards each other and form destructive whirlpools, and can flow into one strong "river". It may be the Yenisei and Lena, or it may be the Danube and a small stream. And always at the same instant they hug and strangle each other, with all their might help to grow and at the same time do not allow each other to “outgrow”.

Explore the depths of love and connection with this stunning acrylic abstract painting, “Wedlock.” Look closely at the mesmerizing contrast between the dark and light strokes of blue, red, yellow, black and white to see how two branches entwine together like two people in a partnership. Measuring 70 cm x 50 cm and on an upcycling canvas stretched onto a hardboard, it’s perfect for adding an eye-catching touch to your dining room, living area or bedroom. Hang it as it is or add a frame— either way, it will be sure to draw the attention of art collectors!

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