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Yellow gulls

15 cm x 15 cm

acryl, canvas

Imagine a bird market. No, no, not the one selling pets ... but a real convention of birds of all colors, shapes and sizes. They all circle in the air currents, their cries merge into a powerful volumetric symphony. And it is as if you are no longer standing, raising your eyes to the sky, which is why it itself has already become green, and the rest of the colors shimmer from one to another. You soar, caught up in the updrafts of the flapping of their wings.

This small Acrylic Abstract painting "Yellow Gulls" is a vibrant and eye-catching piece that will make any room or interior look stunning. The high contrast of dark and light strokes of yellow, pink, and red on the deep green background will bring a distinct atmosphere to any setting. The painting has a unique visual depth thanks to its variant relief technique, offering an interesting conversation piece for art collectors. It comes ready to hang but can be framed for a more polished look.

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