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Compressed reality

Acrylic, Wool on Canvas

40 cm x 30 cm

Experience the beauty and boundless creativity of “Compressed Reality”, an acrylic painting featuring an intricate weaving of colors and textures. I use knitting yarn different thicknesses and quality to make more strongly kinesthetic and light -and-shadow effect. This unique piece is both aesthetically pleasing and thought provoking, inviting viewers to contemplate the nature of our universe. Perfect for art enthusiasts and collectors alike, thi

s small painting will provide you with a powerful glimpse into the often invisible fluctuations in reality, illustrating how nothing - not even time or space - is ever truly constant. Experience "Compressed Reality" today and add a touch of sophistication to any home or office. this small canvas is stretched on a wooden stretcher and framed on all sides. in this way the painting is ready to be hung immediately after receiving. it is perfect for small spaces of both light and dark colors.


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