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Das Herz der Zeit

110 cm x 110 cm

Acryl, canvas, structure paste, mixed media

Imagine time as a mechanism, the pacing feet of a giant.A whirlpool of particles swirls around them, it confuses and nudges, but the legs keep going and going.What makes this creature move?The ever-beating heart that gives birth to and absorbs everything in the universe.This work has a story.while writing the heart itself, i myself felt the power of the abyss, which began to tighten like a black hole.i woke up from the realization that i had not been breathing for several minutes.Acrylic figurative painting with embossed image.complementary bright colors combined with kinesthetic effects.The work is painted in acrylic on canvas using a variety of structural pastes and features mounts for hanging on the wall.


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