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Dolphin. Tunnels serie

70 cm x 50 cm

acryl, structure paste, canvas

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of abstract painting with my exquisite creation "Tunnel. Dolphin." This captivating piece features a close-up view of an abstract wave adorned with a radiant golden dolphin gracefully meandering through rolling foothills. The panoramic beauty is skillfully captured from a top-down perspective, highlighting large areas of solid color that effortlessly blend into one another. Within this stunning composition lies a hidden portrait - an enchanting portrait of a highly intelligent animal emerging amidst powerful waves and its ethereal reflection on the dynamic waters of thought. Measuring 70 cm X 50 cm, this highly textured acrylic masterpiece captures the essence of lyrical abstraction within its meticulously textured paste-on-canvas construction. Composed in parallax technique alongside biomorphic elements, "Tunnel. Dolphin" evokes profound kinesthetic effects that resonate deeply with viewers seeking tactile engagement or those who appreciate art beyond mere visual appreciation.Undeniably unique and thought-provokingly expressive, this piece holds special significance for individuals who seek to explore new dimensions art offers - while also catering to the visually impaired or tactile enthusiasts who desire an intimate sensory experience.Let your artistic journey begin anew as you bring home "Tunnel. Dolphin" and open up limitless avenues for introspection and aesthetic pleasure. Welcome this extraordinary masterpiece to your collection today and allow it to seamlessly intertwine with your discerning taste for unparalleled artwork characterized by profound depth and evocative allure


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