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20 cm x 30 cm

watercolor, paper

Enter the enchanted realm of Hurgada! This exquisite watercolour masterpiece transports you to the sun-kissed shores of Egypt, where a vibrant seascape meets the majestic backdrop of distant buildings. Imagine yourself strolling along this idyllic resort, enjoying the enchantment of a sunny December day and immersing yourself further in this African oasis as you feel the gentle breeze caress your face. The wind whispers Eastern tales by the sea, inviting you to surrender to its artistic allure. Created with meticulous precision in the pleinair style, each stroke captures the essence of the moment - the harmony and sheer beauty that envelops you. Feast your eyes on an ethereal blend of captivating blues, vibrant yellows, lush greens and earthy browns. This delicate fusion creates an unparalleled freshness that will bring life to any surface it graces. Set in a charmingly simple white frame, this stunning work of art offers versatility like no other. Set against dark or light backgrounds, its charisma shines through effortlessly and what makes the 'Hurgada' painting even more alluring is its practicality - ready to display on arrival! Hang it on your wall or let it stand elegantly on any surface; wherever it is placed, admiration from art lovers is guaranteed.


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