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River. Tunnel serie

100 cm x 70 cm

acryl, strucktur paste, canvas

Experience the captivating allure of our magnificent Acryl painting "Tunnel. River". This extraordinary piece is specifically crafted for art collectors who appreciate the beauty of abstract expression in its most elevated form.Behold a striking UV+ dark blue river, flawlessly running inside intricate white relief detailing reminiscent of earth's awe-inspiring textures. Prepare to be enchanted by its deep kinesthetic effect, which effortlessly transports you into a world where emotions collide and boundaries dissolve.With dimensions 100 cm X 70 cm, this artwork commands attention and demands admiration. The fusion of lyrical abstraction techniques signifies an unrivaled artistic journey through vibrant creativity.Part of the esteemed "Tunnels" series, this acrylic gem intricately combines structure paste on canvas, creating a seamless blend that mesmerizes both touch and sight. Its biomorphic nature allows it to transcend traditional boundaries while invoking subtle yet powerful parallax aesthetics.Uniquely versatile, "Tunnel. River" radiates magnificently against dark or light surfaces in any living space or exhibit. This surreal artwork possesses such innate elegance that it doesn't require framing; however, should your personal taste desire additional refinement, frame options are readily available upon request.Moreover, as proponents of inclusivity within art appreciation communities, I proudly expose "Tunnel. River" as an ideal choice for blind individuals or passionate tactile enthusiasts seeking enchanting visual experiences beyond traditional mediums.


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