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35 cm x 50 cm

watercolor, paper

This eye-catching watercolor painting, "Sandman", is an aesthetically pleasing work of art with its bright colors and smooth lines. It was created to honor the beloved fairy tale about Magician Morpheus, Master of Dreams. The vivid colors in association with the white patches and lines give this piece an exciting contrast, making it a truly enchanting addition to any room. Each viewer can feel inspired to dream up their own unique visions when looking at this sheet - be it elephants in Savannah, vibrant water plants, or pearls in clamshells! Measuring 35 x 50 cm., this painting arrives safely tucked into archival paper with an envelope for added protection within a reinforced cardboard box for safe shipping. To add a special touch to your purchase, you may also order the accompanying Passepartout frame and decorative frame. Art aficionados should not miss out on this remarkable work of art!


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