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Stones #1

29,8 cm x 42 cm

watercolor, paper

This delightful watercolor painting, "Stones №1", is a vibrant work of art with its bold colors and smooth lines. The iridescent colors create a dynamic contrast against the white lines and patches of color, making this a truly captivating piece. The artwork is painted on a 29,7 x 42 cm. paper (300gsm), with a visible area of 27,5 x40 cm. The painting arrives framed and securely packaged in archival paper with an envelope for added protection inside a reinforced cardboard box for a secure delivery. For an extra touch, you can order the accompanying Passepartout and decorative frame to complete your purchase. As Art collectors, you have to surely take notice of this eye-catching addition to any room.

The Sounds of Watercolor series includes works in watercolor made at plein airs in Croatia, Germany, and Poland since spring 2022. The works incorporate a variety of colors, sounds and emotions of summer.


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