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Tunnels 1

50 cm x 70 cm

acryl, struckture paste, canvas

Experience the mind's journey through 'Tunnels', an extraordinary acrylic artwork that blends intricate textures with golden accents to create a mesmerizing effect. Deeply engaging, its motley tunnels carve their way into the white ground like rivers of thought leading to the core of the mind. This piece is perfect for art collectors looking for captivating abstracts that make a bold statement in any space - be it hotel rooms, lobbies or homes. Ideal for blind people or kinesthesics lovers, this artwork will stir your senses and transport you to a world of contemplation.It's worth it just to close your eyes and run your fingers over the painting and your tactile sencors will be delighted. And the play of light and shadow on such pretentious relief will not leave your visual perception indifferent either. Ready to hang and available in larger sizes on commission.


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