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Two Whales

35 cm x 50 cm

watercolor, marcker, fineliner, paper

Enter a surreal world where the brush fuses reality and imagination, where dreams come to life on paper, and where the soul is captivated. We present our Semi-Abstract Watercolour: an exquisite masterpiece designed for only the most discerning art collectors. This extraordinary work of art captures the essence of ingenuity, with two different motifs to choose from. Immerse yourself in the passionate embrace of a man and a woman, their souls, as two giant whales, intertwined in an eternal ocean of love. Venture into uncharted waters alongside two majestic fantasy animals.

Each line tells a story, reflecting metaphysical elements reminiscent of ancient totem poles while retaining the delicate charm of watercolour.

You'll find yourself lost in this ethereal ecosystem, each brushstroke revealing new hues as you explore its depths. Gaze at enchanting realms brought to life through the fusion of watercolour techniques and ink applications - captivating visuals that will transform any space they grace.

Rest assured that this irreplaceable work of art will arrive at your doorstep securely wrapped in archival paper and lovingly nestled in a protective cilophane envelope. Should you wish to embellish it further, we offer the option of meticulously framing or personalising it.


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