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Under water

36 cm x 50.6 cm

watercolor, paper

Introducing “Under Water” – an exquisite abstract watercolor inspired by the beauty of summer stones. Expertly crafted with honey watercolors on heavy premium watercolor paper (250gsm, Torchon 25% cotton), this unique piece is painted in the Cubismus style. You'll be captivated by its array of iridescent hues - white, blue, red, corral, and green, plus yellow abstract water plants and thin and thick acrylic lines all add to a shimmering rainbow effect that creates a majestic shine. The artwork measures 50,6 x 36 cm with a visible area of 48,5 x 34 cm and will arrive packaged in archival paper and cilophane envelope. A decorative frame and white or colored Passepartout can be additionally ordered – making it perfect for any art collector!


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