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Vortex.Tunnel serie.

80 cm x 80 cm

acryl, strucktur paste, canvas

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of "Tunnel. VORTEX," where art is a portal into boundless imagination and captivating beauty. This abstract painting, crafted on an 80 cm X 80 cm canvas, showcases an enchanting spiral river that dances inside a white earth. Inspired by the bewitching realm of lyrical abstraction and biomorphic aesthetics, this artwork casts a spell with its hypnotizing vortex-like patterns. As you gaze at its intricate details, prepare to be taken on a journey through swirling dimensions that transcend space and time.Created using acrylic paints on canvas, this masterpiece boasts fauvism influences, infusing each stroke with vibrant hues and explosive energy. The tactile experience is enhanced by the expert use of structure paste – generating high-textured ripples as if capturing the essence of movement frozen in time. Crafted as more than just visual stimulation for sighted individuals, it empowers blind people to explore emotions through touch; allowing their fingertips to unravel the dark colorful river flowing within sculptured tunnels painted delicately within.Moreover, this painting radiates elegance like no other – featuring delicate gold accents that shimmer amidst the dark corners or illuminate lighter walls with brilliance. Whether adorning hotel lobbies or living rooms seeking an enticing focal point, "Tunnel. VORTEX" effortlessly blends sophistication and magic into any environment it graces.


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