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“ART TELEPORT”- a remote collaborative live-painting action between two artists located in Germany & Kazakhstan. Sunday, June 6th in Ost Anders Universe.

Nadiya Pankova is a painter from Donetsk (Ukraine). There Nadiya got her Degree in Architecture and worked as an architect for some years. However, in time, Nadiya has realized that the architecture is actually not her field. In 2014, Nadiya with her family moved to Kiev because of the military operation in the Donbass region. Since 2018, Nadiya Pankova has been living with her husband and two children in Erlangen (Germany). She has participated a lot in the international and German art-projects. In addition, Nadiya teaches art, painting, composition the children and young people of age 3 till 25.

Alpamys Batyr is an artist from Almaty, Kazakhstan. His main focus in art at the moment is on the new media , but still he’s practicing graphic art and many other formats of expression. You can check his insta to be update of what goes on.

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