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Hello everyone! You can see my latest wall paintings here. I love to paint the walls in children's rooms.

Why baby? I love to involve little clients in my work process, discussing the names of the characters and the color scheme with them. Sometimes they even help me in painting.

But in fact, I can draw of varying complexity and style. Do you want a window to Provence? Can I make you a parade of planets on the ceiling? Or, for example, your coffee shop or beauty salon needs a twist to create the right mood for customers?

Write to me and we will discuss all the details.

The cost of my services: 

  • height up to 1.8m from 75€\m2

  • height above 1.8 m (work on a stepladder) from 120€\m2

  • ceiling painting 200€\m2 

The price also depends on the complexity and style of the painting. However, you can receive up-to-date information about my services by e-mail.


Prices per sqm are in net, plus 19% VAT. For private household plus 7% VAT. The price examples are intended as orientation so that you can roughly calculate the costs for your wall or ceiling area.

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