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The Egg

20 cm x 25 cm

Acryl, canvas on the cardboard.

This egg is a symbol of the core of the universe, its center, the source of life. It rests in the feather bed of the universe, exudes a soft light that envelops and leads away, as if into a funnel. And now you no longer look at it from the outside, but rush like a grain of sand in the whirlpool of the endless process of creation. This beautiful Acrylic Painting "Egg" is a stunning piece of art, perfect for any art collector. Its unique design features a deep black sparkling frame that casts interesting shadows, bright colors including yellow, gold, blue green and red, and a kinesthetic surface with diverse relief. The painting measures 20cm X 25cm without the frame and has been varnished with semi-matt lack so it’s ready to hang or place on the shelf or table. A universal symbol of life, love, motherhood and happiness, this Acrylic Painting "Egg" will surely make a wonderful addition to your collection.

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