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Mind map#2

50 cm x 50 cm

acryl, structure paste, canvas

Enter a world where art dances with the mind, where color swells and swirls in perfect harmony. This artwork is part of a captivating series called "Mind Map," in which Nadiya explores the depths of our consciousness through her highly textured acrylic art. Prepare to be enchanted as your eyes are drawn deeper into her intricate details, revealing hidden treasures. But under ultraviolet light, this painting comes alive, revealing a subconscious side bathed in an ethereal glow that transcends reality itself. The paint spreads gracefully across the canvas, creating a textured deep relief that beckons you to explore further. Watch as the image takes shape before your eyes; networks of thought intertwine like delicate neural pathways, illuminating new perspectives at every turn.This vibrant creation is not bound by limits; instead, it breaks free from conventionality and embraces artistic freedom. Its colorful biomorphic features make it ideal for those who love tactile experiences - kinesthetic lovers will enjoy running their fingers over its dynamic surface. Fits effortlessly into any environment. Whether gracing private sanctuaries or inspiring creativity in public spaces and nightclubs alike, this abstract wonder blends harmoniously with both dark and light walls. The painting is ready to hang and requires no framing, but can be framed to order.


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